The Story Behind Paper Princesses: How One Move Made All the Difference

Meet Olga Skorokhod, An Incredible Ukrainian Paper Artist You Need To Know Now: This blog post introduces you to an incredibly talented paper artist from Ukraine.

Olga Skorokhod has been working as a paper artist since she was a kid. She feels like she was born to be an artist, and the choice of profession was obvious to her.

She formerly worked as an illustrator, graphic designer, and painter before turning into a full-time paper artist.

Skorokhod experimented with different techniques and materials while she was in Ukraine in hopes of finding her own art style which she could constantly develop and be recognized worldwide.

It wasn’t until she took a chance and did something risky and moved to the U.S. that she eventually found it — a style that immediately caught the attention of collectors all over the country!

Olga Skorokhod loves creating portraits on commission as well as original pieces for sale at Saatchi Art.

Paper artist and illustrator, Olga Skorokhod creates some truly impressive pieces of art out of colored paper. Her work is intricate, and unique, and captures the image perfectly.

Skorokhod’s work is bold and beautiful, and her decision to turn her passion into her profession should be an inspiration to all of us who are “only hobbyists” and have ever considered pursuing our passions as a career. Instead, we often allow the same old excuses to get in the way—it’s just a hobby, I don’t have enough time, maybe I need more training or experience first…But Skorohod has shown us that we can find a way around these obstacles.

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Olga Skorokhod

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