AI Called GauGAN Can Turn Doodles Into Photorealistic Masterpieces

Ever heard of NVIDIA? Well, NVIDIA Corporation is a Santa Clara, California, US-based graphics and mobile processors company that’s known worldwide for its advanced technologies. The evidence of its technological expertise is GauGAN, a new and powerful artificial intelligence (AI). The name has been inspired by the post-impressionist painter Paul Gauguin.

GauGAN possesses an astounding ability to turn doodles into photorealistic landscape images in real time. According to a NVIDIA researcher, “A novice painter might set the brush to canvas aiming to create a stunning sunset landscape – craggy, snow-covered peaks reflected in a glassy lake – only to end up with something that looks more like a multi-colored inkblot. But a deep learning model developed by NVIDIA Research can do just the opposite: it turns rough doodles into photorealistic masterpieces with breathtaking ease.”

What’s even more appealing is the fact that GauGAN is as easy as MS Paint to use. All it requires is a rough sketch with colored sections on the left side of a canvas, the AI then creates a lifelike landscape, which gets instantly updated in the panel on the right.

The choice of colors also rests with you. Whatever color you fill for elements like mountains, sky, clouds, trees, water, and rock in the corresponding sections is updated for maximum realism by GauGAN. The amazing part is AI is able to change the elements corresponding to what you’ve added. For example, if you’ve added a range of mountains in a simple scene of a lake with trees, these trees and water will get updated to match the addition of mountains.

This technology is not yet available to the public and there’s no word from NVIDIA, too, as to when it will be available. However, one thing is clear, GauGAN is set to revolutionize the art scene and will also prove a big asset to architects and virtual world creators.

Sources: Nvidia | Arxiv

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