Nature, Memory, and Abstract Paintings by Artist Jeremy Miranda

Artist Jeremy Miranda creates paintings that are complex spatial environments that hover between interior and exterior worlds. His work explores the relationship between nature, memory, and the abstract.

Miranda was born in 1980 and has lived her entire life in Middletown, RI. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from Massachusetts College of Art in 2004. He and his partner, Michelle Morin- a successful artist- live and work in Dover, NH.

Jeremy Miranda is a painter for the ages. His sophisticated use of color and form presents an artistic style that will most certainly have an enduring presence in the world of fine art. It is his essence, his passion, and his abilities as a painter that makes him such an integral part of the community, both online and off.

Artist Jeremy Miranda: The Hidden Worlds We Imagine

Jeremy Miranda’s paintings are a fascinating combination of shape, color, and texture. The juxtaposition between the three leads to an impressive amount of depth and detail, which is something that you don’t always see in abstract art. He’s also shown an interest in exploring memory and nostalgia through his work, which has led to some wonderfully compelling results.

Jeremy’s work is striking and powerful. A lot of his abstract paintings are inspired by nature, with references to oceans, mountains, and skies. He does a great job of creating lush compositions that have strong visual interests. His paintings are highly layered in texture and color, demonstrating excellent use of the composition as well as skillful painting and drawing techniques.

Jeremy has a particular ability to play with illusion and space that is truly fascinating to see. By doing so, he is able to create works that are introspective, contemplative, and engaging.

Jeremy Miranda


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