This Teen Food Blogger Promotes Veganism Through His Picture-Perfect Treats

He’s all of 16 and he’s already so health-conscious that he runs his own food blog to promote veganism. This confirmed vegan is Jose from Lima, Peru. On Instagram, he goes by the name Naturally.Jo.

What’s surprising is that Jose decided to turn vegan when he was only 14! He not only taught himself how to cook vegan food but also promoted his food preparations through Instagram, where he enjoys the attention of over a million foodies and the health-conscious.

If you think his vegan food must be boring, think again. His Instagram page boldly announces ‘Life is too short to eat boring food’! And the vegan treats he displays are so colourful and artistic that one will think twice before eating them. The all-vegan food includes brownies, cakes, ice creams, smoothies and toasts.

Jose’s motivation to turn to veganism was his eating disorders he acquired due to non-vegetarian diet and also the animals’ rights aspect that became dear to his heart. His expertise lies in making healthy vegan food look delicious and mouth-watering.

Jose was able to teach himself a majority of vegan dishes in just a year and a half. Sample what he makes from all vegan ingredients: eggs from flax seeds and water; butter from oil; chocolate straight from cacao powder without using milk; cheesecakes from a mix of cashews, frozen banana, agave nectar and coconut oil; and many more.

About his treats on Instagram, he says, “…I really try to focus on presenting it in a way that it looks aesthetically pleasing….” There is much to learn from this teenager to lead a healthy life. Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram | Jose


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