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Mistaken For A Fashion Icon A Teacher In Her 60’s Attains Celebrity Status

she was not even trying to look like anyone

We have all come across wannabe lookalikes trying to make it big on their resemblance to superstars. But, here is an unusual case where a 63-year-old teacher was not even trying to look like anyone, leave alone a famous star, when she got picked up by the media as one.

Image Courtesy Of: iconaccidental/Instagram

It all happened in New York a few years back, when Lyn Slater, who lives in the city and teaches at Fordham University, was waiting for a friend around Lincoln Center. It also happened to be the venue of the Fashion Week shows at that time.

Image Courtesy Of: iconaccidental/Instagram

Although Lyn’s profession necessitated that she always remained conservatively dressed, she loved to wear fashionable clothes. At this moment, she was stylishly dressed and was mistaken for a fashion industry celebrity by some media persons and that changed her life forever. What transpired was something unbelievable.

Image Courtesy Of: iconaccidental/Instagram

The photographers surrounded her and started taking photos frantically, tourists present in the area also began to shoot videos and click pictures, two Japanese journalists started taking a snap interview, all in the mistaken belief that she was some major figure in the fashion industry.

Image Courtesy Of: iconaccidental/Instagram

At first, Lyn was a bit confused, but she soon grasped the situation and seized the opportunity to become a style icon. This incident prompted her to start a blog titled ‘Accidental Icon’. And she soon found that fashion was her calling. In no time, her blog gained popularity with people in the age group of 25 to 35, as her writing style was minimalist, intelligent and brave.

Image Courtesy Of: iconaccidental/Instagram

She began to be quoted by other magazines and was regularly invited to fashion shows. What’s more, she even modeled for major brands, such as Uniglo, Refinery29, Mango and others. She has been signed by the modeling agency ‘Elite Model’.   

Image Courtesy Of: iconaccidental/Instagram

Lyn is unique in the sense that she never attempts to hide her age. She even refuses to dye her hair. Says she, “Fashion and my style help me struggle against that invisibility that comes with age.” She certainly has lit a beacon for the oldies in the fashion world.

Image Courtesy Of: iconaccidental/Instagram

Though, It is still not cleared for whom she was mistaken. If you can guess then please feel free to comment below.

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