Architectural Drawings of Melbourne-Based Artist are Simply Mind-Blowing

Architectural drawings remain in the domain of architects, right? Well, you cannot be more wrong! Here is an artist, Marc Poulier, who is capable of giving a run for the money to those who produce architectural designs on paper.

Poulier, who is based in Melbourne, Australia, is an art director. Passionate about drawing, he used to draw while commuting to work on a tram. Historical buildings, especially those belonging to the 15th Century, attract him the most, though he also creates urban cityscapes. He shares on, “I’m pretty self-motivated. I’ve always enjoyed art and deep down knew it was a strength to play to. To see something made that you’re proud of is enough to spur you on….”

Not content with this, he has also created his own brand – Poulier + Poulier designs in collaboration with his wife, Lisa. This Melbourne studio offers a unique range of homewares that includes tea towels, prints, cards, and cushions. Of course, all their products use high-quality materials and environmental-friendly inks. Says he on his website, “Our design philosophy is simple; to create timeless graphic pieces with wit and charm.”

When Poulier started posting his creations on Instagram, he was surprised to find his artworks gaining popularity. It comes as no surprise that, today, he has a whopping 224,000 followers on this platform. He is always exploring other mediums and ways to draw architecture. The artists that inspire him are Hockney, Warhol, and many others. His works are up for sale on his website.

Marc Poulier

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