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Man Resurrects WWI Trench Warfare Through Detailed Models Of WWI Trenches

Youngsters today may not even be aware of World War I that was fought between 1914 and 1918. It used to be called to the ‘trench warfare’. This kind of warfare involved attacking, counterattacking and defending from a relatively permanent system of trenches dug into the ground.

Image Via: Imgur/Andy Belsey

Trench warfare was necessitated due to the superior firepower of the enemy that compelled the defending force to ‘dig in’. This way they sacrificed mobility for a permanent defensive line that was difficult for the enemy to breach.

Image Via: Imgur/Andy Belsey

That this trench warfare will be resurrected in this day and time is difficult to imagine, but it is thanks of Andy Belsey that it has again entered the consciousness of the public today. Andy is basically a pro at creating military models, particularly the models of WWI trenches. And he has been at it for the past several years.

Image Via: Imgur/Andy Belsey

The trench models are three-dimensional cross sections of trenches, whose dimensions have been painstakingly displayed and labelled. The models are made of materials available in those days for constructing such trenches.

Image Via: Imgur/Andy Belsey

So, you have miniature corrugated revetments, hessian cloth sandbags, complete woodwork with wooden beams and troughs, realistically painted war-ravaged soil and even folding miniature cigarette packets. What’s more, a model soldier in the WWI combat dress also stands guard inside the trench.

Image Via: Imgur/Andy Belsey

Andy figures on his website and showcases nine different sections and blogs about his work. His models display different aspects of trench construction and their relation to the enemy line. The meticulous way in which he creates with authentic-looking material to the last detail infuses realism into his models.

Image Via: Imgur/Andy Belsey

So, how do these military trench models serve today’s generation. The answer is simple, these models keep the memories of that dreadful war alive, making people aware of those terrible times. It also serves as a reminder never to get embroiled in such wars again.

Image Via: Imgur/Andy Belsey

More Info: mymodernmet | Andy Belsey

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