Mali, The Elephant, Sentenced To Life In Solitary Confinement In A Philippines Zoo

Now, this is certainly not fair, raising a baby elephant in a zoo in the Philippines without the company of any other elephants. That too in constricted environs and without any veterinary care.

This female elephant, lovingly named Mali, is the epitome of neglect and deprivation. Now 40, Mali occupies a small enclosure in the Manila Zoo. What’s more, she has not seen another elephant, leave alone a male partner, in over 3 decades! Now if this is not torture, what is?

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This is not all, Mali has been suffering from a host of ailments, but since she is alone, the Manila Zoo authorities are not bothered to provide her medical cover. Her suffocating existence without elephant company has made animal lovers the world over sit up and take note.

Unlike other wild elephants that spend the day grazing and bathing in the jungles, Mali is made to exist in the tight confines. The worst part is Manila Zoo authorities are aware of her plight, but just not interested in doing anything about it.

Had it not been for PETA, Mali’s condition would have remained hidden from the world. It was PETA’s initiative that convinced Manila Zoo authorities to allow a veterinary expert to examine Mali.

She Feels So Lonely That She Holds Her Tails With Her Trunk For Comfort. Image Source

Given the go ahead, the organization flew Dr. Henry Richardson, an elephant expert, to The Philippines at its own expense. What he found was most shocking. Mali suffered from cracked nails and foot pads that were infected and could have become fatal. She also had overgrown cuticles.

The tragedy is that ever since PETA made its findings known, Manila Zoo has made Mali out of bounds for any elephant expert. Today, the need of the hour is to shift her to a wildlife sanctuary for care and company that she so deserves for the sake of her sanity.

We request you to help this lonely creature by signing this “Free Mali Petition

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