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Child Star Macaulay Culkin Reprises The Role Of Kevin Mcallister In A New Google Commercial As A 38-Year-Old

Remember Macaulay Culkin, the adorable 10-year-old in the role of Kevin McAllister in the 1990’s superhit movie ‘Home Alone’? Yes, the same film that ran in 1,202 theaters and created the Guinness World Record for being number one at the box office for over 25 years, raking in over $17 million in the process!

Oh!How Kevin’s antics and pranks had us both in splits and awe in this film, as also in its 1992 sequel. However, Macaulay grew out of this role at 14 but had to pay the price of stardom. He was not only arrested for the possession of controlled substances but also got married only when 18. It seemed to be the end of the road for him, till now.

The good news is that Culkin has reprised the role of Kevin as a 38-year-old actor! No, he’s not making another sequel of ‘Home Alone’ as an adult, but acting out the part in a new delightful Google commercial. This commercial recreates some classic Home Alone scenes with an adult Kevin.

In the original ‘Home Alone’, John Hughes had written Kevin’s part specifically for Culkin. The Google commercial does full justice to these parts even 30 years after the hit movie. And Culkin as Kevin not only looks great playing the part but also healthy and happy.

In the Google commercial, Kevin uses AI technology through Google home assistant to accomplish things smoothly for which he toiled in the original film, where his antics always led to chaos. However, in the commercial, there is no chaos, since the older and wiser Kevin uses Google assistant to do his work.

This commercial has become an instant hit and the fans of the original film have welcomed their adorable hero back once again, even though in a commercial.


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