Baker Makes Hyper-Realistic Cakes In The Exact Image Of Everyday Items

There are many people who gain expertise in watching YouTube tutorials. However, when Luke Vincentini watched baking cakes on YouTube, he instantly fell in love with it and went on to turn his expertise into an art. He has certainly taken it to the next level.

The claim to fame of this 23-year-old baker is making cakes literally in the image of other common items, such as White Claw, Doritos, boots, bell, melon, strawberry and even a loaf of meat, and many others. So realistic is the imitation, that one only realizes that it’s a cake when one cuts it with a knife!

A native of New Jersey, USA, Vincentini began baking cakes when he was only 12, watching cake shows and YouTube videos. Afterward, he took two masterclasses at Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey and almost a decade later landed a job there. Sometimes the most innocuous of things turn into inspiration. In his case, it was a bag of Doritos that gave him the idea for hyper-realistic cakes. He left the Bakery after two-and-a-half years to pursue his dream of baking these unique cakes.

Vincentini’s is happiest when working with buttercream, modeling chocolate and fondant to make his cakes. For adhesive, he uses a thin layer of icing with buttercream. Thereafter, he applies layers of fondant and tops it with modeling chocolate. For coloring, he uses ‘gel color’, a special kind of edible paint, which is a little thicker than food dye.

Of course, creating such cakes is time-consuming. On average, each cake takes anywhere between three to four hours. However, the Doritos bag took him as much as 14 hours, whereas latte took as little as less than an hour.

Vincentini loves to see the reactions of non-cake people witnessing his creations. He has a fan following of over 330,000 on Instagram alone.









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Strawberry shortcake. Kinda 🍓

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Salty then sweet 🎂 ➡️ Swipe! ➡️

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