Enchanting Violin Played On Sidewalks By This Nine-Year-Old Is Enthralling People

Child prodigies, like Mozart and Beethoven, are well known the world over, but how about the present-day child prodigies? Well, the good news is that they continue to be discovered in various fields even today. And one of them is Karolina Protsenko, all of nine years!

At the age when children are having fun with kids their own age and playing games, Protsenko chose to play the violin instead when she was just six years old. And she became so good at it that her YouTube clips a viewership of over a million and her Instagram page has a following of over 320,000 fans.

Protsenko was born in Ukraine and moved with her family to the US when she was only six. Here she got a chance to take violin lessons. So good was she that in just two years her fan base on the social media grew into several million.

How Protsenko is different from other established musicians is she doesn’t need any fancy concert hall to perform. Her stage is a simple sidewalk and other humble places with avid listeners and the awestruck crowd surrounding her. What has made her so popular is her rendering of contemporary music in her own style.

Protsenko has released her own album and her music is on all the major streaming sites including Amazon Prime Music, Spotify and Apple Music. Her expertise in mixing classical violin with contemporary songs is what makes her music so beautiful.

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