Disney May Turn Your Daydreaming Into A Dream Job!

If you always dreamed of travelling the world but didn’t have the money or time to do so, a fantastic opportunity is knocking at your door. It is time you stopped daydreaming and listen to what Disney has to offer. And it doesn’t even involve getting dressed up in Disney characters to entertain the crowd!

What the owners of this ‘happiest place on Earth’ offer you is to accompany Mickey and the gang on the high seas as the ship’s waiter or waitress. You will not only be gainfully employed and get paid but also get a chance to live it up with your favourite Disney characters. 

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The ships are no ordinary ships, but luxury cruise liners. And these ships sail to not just any ordinary destinations, but the very best. These much sought-after tourist destinations include the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Alaska and others.

You have a choice of four cruise ships – Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. While Disney magic is really magic at sea, Disney Wonder takes you places where wonders never cease. Disney Dream makes your dreams come true and Disney Fantasy turns your fantasies into reality.

At this point in time, the employment is open only to the Brits, who love sailing the high seas and possess the spirit of adventure and fun, especially of the Disney kind.

If becoming a waiter or waitress on a cruise ship doesn’t evoke much enthusiasm, then probably the salary might help to change your mind. You will be paid a handsome figure, ranging between £1,500 and £2,500 per month, while you enjoy all the perks and facilities of living on a cruise ship.

And it is not only this job that Disney Cruise Line is looking for, you can also apply if you meet the criteria for chefs, electricians, engineers, HR managers, housekeepers, ‘recreation’ staff, youth activities counsellors and youth entertainment staff.

Those who have taken the Disney cruise, have voted it the best cruise line for families, as reported by ‘Travel and Leisure’ and readers’ choice for cruises by Conde Nast.

Why not combine work with leisure and be a proud staff member of the world’s greatest entertainment cruises, the Disney Cruise Line.

Visit en.internationalservices.fr To Apply For The Job On Disney Cruise Line

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