Using Everyday Objects, This Artist Creates Amazing Minimalist 3D Art

It’s really surprising to see how some people can creatively use everyday objects to produce works of art. One such creative genius is Jesuso Ortiz, who describes himself as a designer, illustrator, artist, and a humanoid.

Ortiz uses everyday objects to create art in ways that simply delights his viewers. His clever use of objects is a testimony to his fertile imagination and clever visualization. He employs a variety of objects in his works, such as colorful buttons, a variety of flowers, plastic shuttlecock, balloons, vegetables and whatever he can lay his hands on.

Ortiz, who is based in Malaga, Spain, particularly favors flowers among everyday objects and uses them in myriad fascinating ways to create his art. Says he, “When looking at everyday objects, especially flowers, awakens in me a world of creative possibilities reflected in my work.”

The overriding desire of this artist to create fantasy scenes from these objects is quite evident in his works. What really makes them stand out are the 3D effects they produce. His combination of 3D elements with minimalist drawings, vibrant colors, stimulating textures, and bold details strikes a perfect balance.

Each image tells a story and what adds to the charm is Ortiz’s minimalist approach. He loves the simplicity to convey a feeling with minimal essence. He explains, “Each person is the creator of your reality, there’re many more possibilities than our eyes allow us to see. I invite you to regain your inner child curiosity. Wake up your mind!” It’s his inner child curiosity that continues to motivate him to repurpose these conventional items in ways that instantly grab attention.

Ortiz’s minimalist art has not gone unnoticed. On Instagram alone, he has a fan following of over 170,000. People love the fact that his works are not overworked or overly complicated and present a fresh and contemporary angle to everyday situations.


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