This Amazing Woman Combines Her Love For Cosplay And Food To Create Incredible Edible Celebrity Outfits

Cosplay is gaining popularity by the day. If you are unfamiliar with the word, it is simply a shortened version of ‘costume’ and ‘play’. People indulging in it, called cosplayers, wear costumes and fashion accessories to turn into a specific character. 

Aping the celebrities through cosplay can be expensive, but not for Sine Benjaphorn, a 22-year-old woman from Thailand’s, Ratchaburi City. What she does is to combine her two passions – cosplay and food – to create some mind-blowing costumes from food!

Benjaphorn justifies it by saying, “I love to eat, so I thought that food should be part of my costumes. I’ve a lot of fun making every costume, and me and my relatives eat them afterwards.”

It all began when she began making the costumes for promoting her shop, which retails plus-size clothing. Being a plus-size herself, she modeled wearing her ‘food dresses’ herself.

The variety of food that Benjaphorn uses in her dresses is something amazing. It includes a variety of colorful fruits, vegetables and eats that not only provide stunning visual effects, but also tasty treats to be eaten after the photoshoot!

Benjaphorn is helped by her mother and aunt in making these dresses. One of her dresses used up 30 kilograms of jackfruit! Little wonder her fans eagerly await what she comes up with next.

Image Via: Sine Benjaphorn

Image Via: Sine Benjaphorn

Image Via: Sine Benjaphorn

Image Via: Sine Benjaphorn

Image Via: Sine Benjaphorn

Image Via: Sine Benjaphorn

Image Via: Sine Benjaphorn

Image Via: Sine Benjaphorn

Sine Benjaphorn

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