Incredible Metal Sculptures of Spanish Scrap Metal Artist are being Showcased Globally

Scrap metal usually finds its way back to the furnace to be turned into steel. However, Georgie Poulariani, a Spanish metal sculptor, uses it for art. Today, his incredible artistic scrap metal sculptures are adorning hotels, buildings, and other public and private spaces.

Most gifted artists realize their talents in childhood itself and go on to make a career out of it. But it was a different story with Poulariani. Although he loved art and could visualize shapes in the form of sculpture from his younger days, taking it up as a career never occurred to him. He ultimately realized this god’s gift of sculpting when he was 44! And since he could visualize shapes, he was immediately smitten with metal sculpting.

With nothing but a desire to become a sculptor, he started trying his hand at metal sculpting. He didn’t take any training in sculpting but taught himself all the finesse of this difficult art form. By and by, this self-taught artist started creating beautiful pieces that caught the eye of the public and his works started getting popular.

Poulariani, based in Calpe, Spain, begins by collecting scrap metal from various sources and visualizes how each piece is to be used. He wields his chosen pieces together, as per his visualization, to create stunning pieces of art. His most notable works include pieces using wire, such as a lion’s head, a lady bending backward with her metal wire tresses swirling around her, and many more.

The best part is Poulariani is not confined to one kind of metal art but offers a rich variety. Some of his human and animal figures are life-size. His works can be seen in his gallery in Benissa in Alicante, Spain.

There is no doubt that Poulariani’s works are a notch above, the reason why his unique metal sculptures are being showcased globally. This success is really creditable for an artist who found his love for artistry until much later in life. He rightly lives by the dictum ‘In the name of art, made with love’.

Georgie Poulariani


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