French Artist Keeps Creating 3D Paintings That Jump Off The Wall

You’ve already seen it here, the frightening, creepy animals and creatures created in 3D by Pierrot, a French street artist. Well, he continues to do so in such a spectacular way that it warrants another write up!

Pierrot, who goes by the name of scaf_oner on his Instagram page, has mustered an enviable viewership of his works of more than 123,000 views on this social media platform alone. And it’s not difficult to see why. His latest creations are so amazing that they immediately grab the eyeballs.

Pierrot’s unique street art is not only confined to walls and roads, but also adorns other surfaces too, such as the sides of buses, pillars, and even humans. The best part is this street artist offers his visual communication skills to his viewers too. He guarantees his clients a unique identity through his unique works that will not only make their companies stand out from their competitors, but also make the people talk about them.

In his latest works, Pierrot is focused on fearful animals, such as tigers, snakes, crocodiles, lions, sharks, and certain other grotesque creatures. He also portrays skeletal remains of dinosaurs in all their details. The common thread that runs through all his creations is the awesome 3D effect that he captures beautifully by himself becoming a part of his works.

Pierrot, who hails from Lorraine, France, creates such realistic artwork to make the viewer both scared and fascinated at the same time. Little wonder his fans await his latest creations with bated breath.

SCAF: Instagram | Facebook

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