Cosplayer And His Kids Thrill The Viewers Cosplaying Different Superhero Characters

A family that cosplays together stays together. Probably this is what prompted Rob Eccleshall, an accomplished cosplayer, to induct his son, Aeries, and daughter, Gwendolyn, to become cosplayers like him.

This former actor from Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, got hooked to cosplaying after a short stint as an actor in a commercial. He’s also currently about to start filming a new independent movie called ‘Ballad of Billy Badass’. Besides cosplaying and acting, he’s a full-time insulator.

Rob loves to try out the costumes of his favorite superheroes. It’s certainly to his credit how nicely he infuses a realistic look to the cosplaying. His costumes also appear so authentic that they increase the charm of the cosplaying manifold.

However, Rob’s act becomes even more mind-blowing when he cosplays along with his son and daughter. This is because they all compliment each other so magnificently while cosplaying. At times, his kids even leave him behind in cosplaying.

One such memorable cosplay video of his kids is of the ‘Transformers’, a Japanese-American franchise co-created by Takara Tomy and Hasbro, which started as a line of toys in 1980. Rob made his kids do the real-life ‘Transformers’ and captured it on his videocam. He captioned it ‘These little ones were amazing in their transformation! Definitely a show highlight’!

The clip features Rob’s kids and one more cosplayer. All of them wear the shape-shifting ‘Transformers’ costume. Standing up the kids look normal in their costumes, but when they huddle onto their knees, the costume converts into the characters’ vehicles. The one dressed as Bumblebee turns into the iconic yellow car, the one dressed as Optimus Prime converts to a Freightliner FL86 cab on a semi-truck and the third, sporting a Jetfire costume, turns into a plane. Little wonder this cute video has gone viral on the internet.

It may surprise you to know that Rob has also undertaken a mammoth cosplaying project called ‘Avengers Assemble’, where he was the head organizer. In this video, Marvel’s superheroes and villains come together to prepare for the ultimate clash. A total of 40+ cosplayers participated in making this video and cosplayed various superheroes and villains, such as Thor, Loki, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thanos, and many others. The video was filmed during Montreal Comic-Con, 2019.

Rob is not only popular as a cosplayer on the internet but has also featured in a few newspapers and a magazine that is about to be published.

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