Blending Classical Art with Pop Culture: Meet Digital Artist Varkey

Digital art has taken the world by storm, providing artists with new opportunities to explore their creativity and reach global audiences. One such artist making waves on social media is Varkey, a 28-year-old safety engineer turned digital artist. With his unique art mashups and collages, Varkey has gained over 100,000 followers on Instagram, combining classical art with contemporary pop culture. Let’s dive into his fascinating journey and learn more about this talented creator.

The Beginning:

Varkey’s interest in digital art began during the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020. He was inspired by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine’s posters, which featured famous classical paintings with characters wearing masks and gloves as a COVID precaution. This clever fusion of traditional art with modern-day issues struck a chord with Varkey, and he knew he wanted to create something similar.

Digital Art Mashups

The Artist’s Background:

Despite not having a formal background in art or design, Varkey has always been passionate about classical art, history, and geography. This love for traditional art forms laid the foundation for his digital art journey. By teaching himself the necessary skills and techniques, Varkey soon began creating captivating digital art mashups.

Varkey’s Unique Approach: Digital Art Mashups

When asked about his creative process, Varkey explains, “Whenever I see a painting, I try to imagine how the painting would look if it was painted in the 21st century. I also try to correlate it with pop culture.” This approach has led to a myriad of mesmerizing digital art mashups that seamlessly blend iconic classical paintings with elements of contemporary culture.

These art pieces not only showcase Varkey’s talent but also encourage viewers to reexamine classical art in a new light. By merging the past with the present, Varkey demonstrates how timeless art can be and invites his audience to appreciate these masterpieces from a fresh perspective.

Social Media Success:

Varkey’s innovative digital art mashups have garnered significant attention on Instagram, where he shares his creations with a rapidly growing audience. Currently boasting over 100,000 followers from around the globe, Varkey’s art has struck a chord with people who appreciate his unique blend of classical and modern elements.

The Future of Digital Art Mashups:

As technology continues to evolve, so does the potential for innovative and captivating digital art. Artists like Varkey, who dare to push the boundaries of traditional art forms and incorporate contemporary culture, are leading the way in creating new and exciting forms of artistic expression.

The success of Varkey’s digital art mashups highlights the endless possibilities of blending art styles and time periods, encouraging a new generation of artists to explore their creative potential. The popularity of digital art mashups on social media platforms like Instagram is a testament to the growing demand for such innovative and thought-provoking creations.

Digital Art Mashups

Digital Art Mashups

Digital Art Mashups


Varkey’s journey from a safety engineer to a digital artist with a massive online following is an inspiring example of the power of creativity and passion. His digital art mashups invite viewers to look at classical art with fresh eyes and appreciate the timeless beauty of these masterpieces. With talented creators like Varkey leading the way, the future of digital art mashups looks brighter than ever.



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