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“Avatar Babies For Sale”, All You Need To Know

These Dolls Looks So Real.

Avatar fans are on high when a video of Avatar babies appeared on Arts.Hub/Instagram. We are here talking about Avatar dolls which so damn real that you can even use them for a real movie. Babyclon, a Spanish company is specialized in making such dolls. Their main motto is to make realistic dolls.

And Yes “Avatar Babies For Sale Is For Real” but in the form of dolls. they are available to buy at a cost of $2,000 USD. If you still deciding to buy then you are much more crazy about avatars than me.

Image Courtesy Of: Simon Halladay/Facebook

Watch This Awesome Video Below

Boredpanda can’t decide if they are cute or creepy and so we. but you can (maybe) so your judgment is appreciated. don’t forget to Comment.

Via: Boredpanda

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