Woman Takes a Hit from a Beer Case While Trying to Stop a Fight

They say that any good deed won’t be left unrewarded. However, this seems to be not the case for this lady who only had a good intention from the start but ended up getting knocked out.

Video Via: Facebook/Spotted British Asians

In the video that has recently been making rounds on the internet, we see three guys in what seems to be a street brawl and one guy in a jacket holding a case of beers. It wasn’t mentioned what started the fight, but it seemed that both parties were were quite angry at each other to start some beef on the streets.

Most people who witness a street fight like this would either ignore it, report it to the police, or just run away from the whole mess. However, a young woman went the extra mile and tried to stop the fight herself. We can see her trying to appease the two men who were in the midst of pushing each other.

In the middle of the fight, the big guy with the jacket lifted up his case of beers and attempted to throw it to one of the guys who were in the brawl. Unfortunately, both of the fighters ducked, and his flying case of beers hit the young lady instead.

The case of beers instantly knocked out the young woman and she fell down on the floor. At the end of the video, we don’t really see whether the two guys stopped fighting but right before the video ended, the big guy in the jacket who threw the beer case was walking toward the girl.

Moral of the story: Don’t interfere in a fight that doesn’t involve you. Otherwise, you will just end up getting knocked out by a case of beer.

Via: Mirror

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