Interdisciplinary Art Is The Hallmark Of This Amazing Artist

What you’d probably throw in trash, she uses it in her art! Meet Martha Haversham, who describes herself as UK interdisciplinary artist, who’s not only trained in conceptual and visual art, but in dance too!

Martha’s unique ability is to use techniques both from the visual and performing arts that are aesthetically, conceptually and satirically endearing. A true practitioner of interdisciplinary art, she loves to evaluate lives and objects of low and hidden status through her art.

Martha paraphrases Primo Levi, an Italian Jewish chemist, writer and Holocaust survivor, to say, “We’re all dancing atoms of carbon. At a quantum level, particles move with unimaginable vigor, so by extension, death becomes a different act in the minute ballet of life. The way in which this perpetual molecular dance affects our perception of time also intrigues and is explored in micro-installation and choreography in two-dimensional space. Through this prism, life’s detritus is elevated to truth, providing social commentary via unexpected means of articulation. I wish to explore this universality of dance, it’s both life and death and my starting point.”

Although the creative bug always remained with Martha, she was compelled to take up a secretary’s job, assisting others in power. The stagnation, pay gaps, and lack of progression and creative opportunity motivated her to move away and take up interdisciplinary practice in a big way. This is exactly what she did. However, she also credits her futureless previous job to where she’s now.

Maratha candidly admits, “If the price of my works rises to reflect my status as an artist, it’ll be in contrast to the diminishing value of the invisible secretary who made them.”

Maratha uses digital platforms and natural materials to create her art. It’s not only her unique rendering of materials, but also her visualization that makes her works so remarkable. It comes as no surprise that she enjoys a considerable following on the internet.

Martha Haversham


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