This Russian Cosplayer Spoofs Celebrities In The Most Hilarious Way

Who doesn’t want to dress up like a celebrity? It’s only the moneybags who can afford the horrendously expensive couture and accessories. Just to give an idea, the tiniest bags with a luxury designer label can burn a big hole in your pocket.

However, if you don’t want to seriously damage your bank account on the kind of clothes, jewelry and high-end accessories that celebrities flaunt, you simply need to take a cue from Yuriy Isterika, who goes by the nickname of Mataharik. This Russian cosplayer not only gives ideas on how to dress up like a celebrity on a shoestring budget but also how to pose like them. And he’s simply hilarious!

Actually, what Mataharik does is to spoof the celebrities. He mocks them by donning easily affordable attires made from any common material he can lay his hands on, such as paper, tape, mop, kitchenware, balloons, and even food. And the way he brings out the similarities with actual celebrities is something to be seen to be believed. What’s more, some of his images turn out better than the original!

What adds to the humor in his pics aren’t only his outrageous ill-fitting outfits and his absurd poses, but also the choice of the clothing material and accouterments. He doesn’t shy away from replacing a sunhat with a toilet seat or a beret with a salami plate or a designer outfit with a garbage bag or even coconut water with beer!

If you’re unable to recognize most celebrities in the pics posted by him is because most of them are from Russia, Mataharik’s native place. This is also the reason why he’s more popular in his own country. However, he has also spoofed international celebrities, like the Queen and Kim Kardashian.

Mataharik’s popularity is steadily rising on Instagram, where he has over 24,000 followers and counting.

Yuri Hysterika


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