Now You Can Own Beautiful Handcrafted Rings And Necklaces Bearing Your Favorite Animals

Howsoever much you love your pet you can’t take it everywhere with you. And this parting, even if temporary, can be quite upsetting. Wear Felicity, a jewelry designing company, has the perfect solution to your problem. It creates pieces of jewelry in the image of your pet that you can wear on your person and be close to your pet.

Started in June 2015, Wear Felicity soon created a niche for itself in designing animal-themed products. This is because the people behind the company are as passionate about animals as pet lovers. All kinds of animals have been crafted by the design team of Wear Felicity.

You can get cute and classy wrap rings of dogs, cats, and other animals, such as elephants, penguins, turtles, sharks and many others. The rings, especially, offer a wide range of dog breeds. Some other popular pieces of jewelry are personalized pet photo necklace, Wear Felicity cat ring and many more. These certainly make an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

The jewelry items, handcrafted by Wear Felicity jewelry artists, are not only a perfect addition for animal lovers everywhere, but are stylish and durable. The ring on your finger of your favorite animal provides great solace to the heart, as it constantly reminds you of your loving bond with it.

Cast in antique silver-tone alloy, the rings are also available in gold, silver and black plated designs. All the necklaces, however, are in the silver-tone alloy. The wrap rings are bent in the middle to facilitate better fitting in fingers of all sizes. All the items are lightweight and durable.

Wear Felicity is making waves on Instagram with over 120,000 followers. They’re also into charity. A portion of their sales is donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Wear Felicity: Instagram

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