Sebastian Jern Creates Realistic Scenes for Movies and Brands

Swedish Filmmaker and Visual Artist Creates Realistic Scenes for Movies and Brands

If you get wowed with the special effects that you see in superheroes and Sci-Fi movies and wonder how these things are done, you just need to meet Sebastian Jern on social media. This visual artist from Sweden is a filmmaker, director, producer, miniature sculptor, VFX, cinematographer, editor, and lighting wizard all rolled into one! And he is a master of special effects.

Jern sums up his work in one sentence on his website, “I turn a mix of art forms into a unique blend of creative concepts.” Working from his 360-square-meter studio in Sweden, he creates videos for clients worldwide. He also travels globally to shoot projects in other countries. And the most surprising part is he is totally self-taught in such a technology-driven field.

Jern idolizes Hans Zimmer, the German film score composer, for his film compositions. He explains his creative process in an interview on Artlist, “I think the analogy that would best explain my creative process is how a producer creates a song, deciding what drums, guitar, and loops to use and bringing all the elements together to create his music. My creative process usually starts with an idea…After that comes the building process, and then we move to the lighting setup, camera angle, and composition. Then comes the filming, which is actually the fastest part of the creative process.”

Jern’s multiple talents are what clients get attracted to. He creates immersive 3D worlds combining several art forms into one. Using hand sculpting, practical effects, VFX, and other technologies, he manages to make something really out of this world. It is no surprise that he is credited with creating some of the most endearing scenes for blockbuster movies, such as ‘Avatar’, ‘Blade Runner’, and others, and even for ‘Game of Thrones.

Jern’s works have been published in UNILAD, 9GAG, The New York Times, and many others. Says he, “I love challenges. I think that when you challenge yourself out of your comfort zone, you learn the most in the shortest period of time.”

Sebastian Jern

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