Virtual Reality Art of Anna Zhilyaeva is Something Really Unique

Anna Zhilyaeva is an immersive artist. If you’re wondering what this is, it’s simply being physically present in a non-physical world through a virtual reality (VR) headset and painting images in a virtual reality environment. Although VR can be experienced only by the one wearing a VR headset, she has developed a technique that allows people to watch her paint inside the virtual world without a VR headset.

Describing herself on her Instagram page as Anna Dream Brush, this artist of French-Russian lineage is a pioneer of art in mixed reality. Her virtual artworks look like real oil paintings and the way she executes them is really stunning as captured in her numerous videos. Once she started sharing these videos on social media, she started getting noticed. Today, she thrills her audience by performing worldwide, in places such as Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

Based in La Garde, France, this master of mixed reality art has even given her immersive creations of sculptured paint a term, ‘Volumism’, since this technology offers to create any volume that breaks the law of gravity. Little wonder her works have inspired many to take up VR painting.

Anna became the youngest student, at 14, to graduate from the Fine Art School of Orenburg, Russia, graduating with the title ‘Artist painter, fine arts teacher’. She went on to study sculpture and painting restoration at the Academy of Arts in Moscow, Russia. Later, she studied architecture at the University of Orenburg, Russia, and completed a three-year diploma course in one year at the University of Cinema and TV at Herzen University of Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Besides this, Anna also learned cartoon animation, game designing, and illustrations while studying. She took up a job as Art Director at Lenizdat, the oldest publishing house in Saint Petersburg. Today, she teaches fine art in a non-profit organization.

One of Anna’s outstanding works was creating a classical painting in front of a live audience at the Louvre Museum that took three hours. She also performed before 45,000 spectators at Worldskills in Khazan. This organization holds the world championships of vocational skills in different parts of the world.

 Anna Zhilyaeva

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