Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya (5/6)

Lying on the EAST KHASI HILLS, it’s the tallest waterfall in INDIA! The height is a breathtaking 1115 ft.! A rainwater fed natural marvel located in CHERRAPUNJI, THE SECOND WETTEST PLACE ON THE EARTH, the serenity of this place is unparalleled! The word NOHKALIKAI translates to JUMP OF KA LIKAI. KA LIKAI was the name of the women who once jumped from the falls after realising that she has eaten the cooked meat of her infant by mistake.

The meat was prepared by her second husband who was mad at her because she was not giving any attention to him. Remorsefully, she jumped down from the falls!

The beauty of this place is damn picturesque with a straight fall of water and arrange of KHASI hills dotting the adjacent landscape.

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