Indian Content Creator is Being Hailed as the Timing Wizard of the Internet

Indian Content Creator is Being Hailed as the Timing Wizard of the Internet

Sometimes a person’s profession belies their creative genius. Such is the case with Vinoy Alexander, who works as a cardiac technician, in Pennsylvania, USA, but has won millions of fans worldwide with his hilarious videos on social media platforms.

Alexander, a Keralite from India, grew up in Mumbai, India, but migrated to Pennsylvania, USA, and has been living there for the past 19 years. His desire to do something different made him explore many avenues. He shares on, “In 2018, I started posting lip-sync, and mimicry videos on TikTok but didn’t get a good response for those videos. I used to think what am I doing wrong?”

The eureka moment came when he hit upon the idea of creating wordless and easy-to-understand 10-second humorous clips. In these, he is seen interacting with characters on television in hilarious ways, such as feeding melons to crocodiles on television or passing tissues to Messi through television, or taking cola bottles from Ronaldo via television.

These clips always managed to put a smile on viewers’ faces and in no time, these went viral. He shares on, “I was enjoying making this humorous content with the help of movie clips in which my appropriate timing was fairly notable. And I was like, let’s do this more!”

This idea would not have seen the light of the day had Alexander not overcome the misgivings and negative comments of his friends, who called his idea stupid that would never go viral. However, his family supported him and his mother encouraged him by saying, “You’re doing something good by making people laugh, that’s what matters. Even if one percent of people like your work, just do it for them!”

The road to recognition was not easy. It took Alexander three years for his content to get noticed. But once it did, it got his viewers hooked on his crazy videos. Today, this timing wizard of the internet has a fan following of a whopping 2.4 million on TikTok and over 764,000 on Instagram. His work has been acknowledged by ‘The Rock’ and other celebrities.

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