Colorful Hairdos Of This Woman Street Artist Sets Her Apart From The Rest

It’s not only the luxuriant tresses of cartoon-like damsels painted on the walls that attract but their extreme proportions and expressive faces too. These mesmerizing larger-than-life portraits are the works of an amazing French street artist called Vinie Graffiti.

There is little doubt that Vinie got her inspiration from the pin-up models and manga illustrations. However, it’s her distinctive approach to creating these female figures that make her works stand out. Although her style of painting is quite straightforward, it’s her eye for detail and heavenly color combination that gets her viewers transfixed.

Vinie uses polychromatic paints to create her colorful murals and motifs. However, the highlight of each of her creations remains the multicolored coiffure that beautifies each head in the form of either cascading swirls of stylized hair or puffed up locks that in some are even replaced by leafy trees and other motifs! In one of her creations, actual ivy serves as the woman’s mane. Seeing her street art, it certainly seems that tresses have taken on a life of their own.

In both her spray-painted street art and her works displayed in galleries, she displays an inimitable and unique style that not only colorfully captures her subject’s individuality, but gives an insight into the artist’s vivid imagination and incredible visualization.

Vinie, based in Toulouse, France, is a rarity as far as street artists are concerned, simply because there are only a handful of such female artists on the scene. Always interested in drawing since her childhood, it was in her high school that she developed an interest in graffiti. Once she got hooked on to it, she started honing her skills and perfected her own unique style. By and by, she mastered her new technique and created her signature characters.

In 2013, Vinie met Anti, a visual artist whose key element is volume. This added immensely to her works. Today, she is most sought after for carrying out live paintings. She regularly gets commissioned to create a variety of murals. Her works are also exhibited in many art galleries in France and all around the world. On Instagram alone, she has over 83,000 followers.

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