Mind Blowing VFX by Canadian VFX artist Joshua Drury

Videos With a Twist Grab Eyeballs and Captivates Viewers

Joshua Drury is a visual artist who creates videos you just can’t take your eyes off! Why? Because he captures strong graphic imagery, which is always accompanied by a surprising and even shocking twist. The reason why he has a humongous fan following on social media. On Instagram alone, he has a following of over 174,000 fans.

This Canada-based artist has mastered the art of visual effects, so much so, that once you see one, you are tempted to view all his creations. They are all so captivating. He explains on his Linkedin Profile, “My expertise is in creating visual effects that assault the sense and adds new dimensions to filmmaking.”

Just sample some of his creations. In one, that he has titled ‘Who parks like this, a sports utility vehicle tries to park in a parking slot that is too small. It gets mangled out of shape but regains shape in the end while the driver continues to sit inside! In another, a heavily built man is shown coming down the slide. As he reaches the bottom, he turns into jelly and slithers down into a gooey heap. In yet another – and this is a gory one – a man watering the plants’ steps on a rake and gets hit on the head by the handle. He splits it into the half with flesh showing inside the sliced portion. There are many more such uniquely stunning creations.

Drury’s interest in visual arts peaked in high school when he was introduced to 3D motion graphics. He was totally smitten by it and took it up as a hobby. What started as a hobby soon developed into a business and there was no looking back for him. By and by, he honed his skills in visual effects and his interest took him to video and filmmaking. According to him, his greatest strengths include his desire to perfect techniques developed by others and create his own original masterpieces.

Drury could achieve all this because he is highly motivated, self-disciplined, and energetic. He takes pride in achieving the highest standards in whatever he engages in. He gets involved in all aspects of filmmaking and loves introducing his unique brand of visual effects in his videos.

About Joshua Drury VFX, he states on his Linkedin Profile, “My goal is to help people fall in love with the art that goes behind all the action.

Joshua Drury

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