Ceramic Artist Creates Beautiful Wallflowers And Vessels From Two Contrasting Clays

Simply stated, Vanessa Hogge’s ceramic flowers are absolutely mesmerizing. Her decorative floral wall pieces and vessels are so delicately created that they take the breath away. Little wonder she’s considered as one of the best ceramic artists.

This British ceramic artist uses two contrasting clays – black stoneware and porcelain – to create her masterpieces. To avoid contamination, she uses separate workbenches for them. The blend of smooth and creamy porcelain with the gritty toughness of black stoneware allows her to create crisp and sophisticated designs that instantly appeal to the eye.

And creating them isn’t easy. It takes Hogge anywhere between two days to three weeks to craft each wallflower or vessel, depending on the size. Everything she creates is handmade. She shapes her blooms by hand and minimal ceramic tools. It’s not surprising that no two flowers are the same.

Hogge designs her wallflowers for both hanging on a wall or to be used as a table centerpiece. Her flowers include chrysanthemums, daisies, and delphiniums. She’s set to include many more types of flowers in her creative repertoire. On the vessel front, Hogge creates vases and bowls.

This ceramic artist, born in Kenya and raised in South Africa, was influenced by women in her mother’s family and gardening that they indulged in. When her family moved to the United Kingdom, she came under the artistic influence of artists, such as Marianne North, Georgia O’Keefe and Frida Kahlo.

Hogge’s work at Ceramics Art London 2019 has been praised by Preston Fitzgerald, a noted ceramic collector, who described it as “delicate, laboriously intensive, detailed work”. Her pieces have been exhibited at various exhibitions around the globe.

Hogge enjoys a following of over 79,000 fans on Instagram. Her works can be bought from her studio in Cockpit Arts in London, UK.

Vanessa Hogge

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