Using Brushes, Paint Dabs And Brushstrokes As Her Canvases, This Artist Paints Miniature Humans In Action

It’s common knowledge that brushes are used to paint on the canvas, but have you ever seen a brush being turned into a canvas to be painted upon? Well, Golsa Golchini does this and more. She also uses dabs of paints and brushstrokes as her canvases!

Golchini, who was born in Tehran, Iran, is undoubtedly a master of mixed-media paintings. She digitally paints miniature humans and adds it to her chosen canvas by ink transfers. The result is a vivid 3D creation that is both beautiful and unique. Sample her tiny figures swimming, surfing, diving, and skiing on canvases that are broad brushes, brushstrokes, or dabs of paints.

Golchini, who’s based in Milano, Italy, graduated from Accademia Belle Arti di Brera, a state-run tertiary public academy of fine arts in Milan, Italy, specializing in Visual Arts. Asked about her unique form of art, she states on, “My artworks are my way of communicating with the observer about the things of everyday life that we all have in common. Things we do, the objects we use, the emotions we feel. These actions, depicted in my artworks, are very simple like the cardboard they’re drawn on. My aim is to immerse the observer into the work and make him or her sees the world and everyday actions in a different way.”

Golchini deliberately keeps her artworks simple, so that they’re easily understood. But, according to her, they “tell the most profound stories of all times”. She feels fulfilled when her clients come up to her and tell her how they see themselves featuring in her works. This for her is a mission accomplished.

Golchini’s works have been part of many exhibitions, such as ‘Art Factory’ Milano Group Exhibitions; Painting exhibition in the former San Carpoforo Church of Milan; ‘Tratti al Femminile’, an exhibition organized by Winarts; and many more.

It’s not surprising that her unique art is grabbing eyeballs on the internet. On Instagram alone, she has a fan following of over 26,000 and counting. Her works are available for purchase on the website

Golsa Golchini Art: Instagram

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