Ukrainian Woodcarver Creates Incredible Wood and Resin Sculptures of Animals

Yurii Myketka, a Ukrainian woodcarver, combines wood and resin to create stunning animal sculptures. However, his first love seems to be whales…the reason why he has named his Instagram page woodwhale_lab. Whether it is the sculptures of whales or animals, his artistic and sculpting prowess is undoubtedly admirable. This is because he combines traditional and contemporary techniques for his craft. The harmony he creates between classic and modern materials is something to be seen to be believed.

Myketka gets his inspiration from sea creatures and birds but it is whale sculpting that he specializes in. For instance, his most famous creation is a big wooden whale. Its lower half is made of acacia wood, while the upper half is made out of epoxy resin. Every piece he creates is amazing, and his eye for detail is quite apparent.

In his experience of seven years, Myketka has tried many different tools, including carving knives and sandpaper and gradually graduated to advanced machinery. He also started combining resin with expensive woods, such as acacia and black oak with encouraging results.

Myketka shares on, “The process of making my sculptures is changing with every new experience. There’s, of course, a standard routine of woodcarving but when you combine a nice piece of wood with colorful epoxy resin, you’ve to use a lot of skill and imagination (so as) not to ruin the natural beauty of wood.”

Myketka’s works can be viewed on his Etsy shop. He also creates custom orders for birthdays, anniversaries, and gifts.

Unique wood & epoxy works

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