The Unique Paper Cut Patterns Of This Amazing Illustrator Makes Him Most Sought After

Image Via: Eiko Ojala

Paper-cut patterns always fascinate. And what Eiko Ojala creates is certainly out of this world. This amazing illustrator and graphic designer residing in Tallinn, Estonia uses an illustration technique that blends actual paper-cut patterns with digital editing.

Such is Ojala’sexquisite work that his three-dimensional images really deceive the eye. This is due to his excellent knowledge of form and shadow that fuels his minimalist approach to illustration. What’s more, he does this without using any kind of 3D software.

Ojala’screates an amazingly large variety of paper cut patterns, ranging from landscapes, portraits to cartoon figures. His incredible paper artwork depicting curious characters and collages is fascinating. So fascinating, in fact, that it is difficult to tell apart, which of his works uses real paper and which ones don’t!

Born in Tallinn in 1982, Ojala did not take to illustration initially, but instead studied interior designing. But, his grasp of shapes and forms, and light and shadow led him to explore this field more minutely and he entered the unique world of creating paper cut patterns. Once this bug had bit him there was no looking back!

Today, Ojala is much sought after for his delightful paper cut illustrations by leading publications, such as The New York Times, Wired magazine, the Harvard Business Review, Le Monde, the V&A Museum and many more. He is also associated with HBO, HSBC Bank, Air France, Intel, Peugeot among others.

It is not surprising that thousands follow him on the social media and the internet.

Image Via: Eiko Ojala

Image Via: Eiko Ojala

Image Via: Eiko Ojala

Image Via: Eiko Ojala

Image Via: Eiko Ojala

Image Via: Eiko Ojala

Image Via: Eiko Ojala

Image Via: Eiko Ojala

Image Via: Eiko Ojala

Image Via: Eiko Ojala

Eiko Ojala


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