Artist Turns Everyday Objects Into Art Objects Through Embroidery

It seems Ulla-Stina Wikander wants everything in sight clothed and it’s not people we’re talking about, but objects! It’s her talent in embroidery that so overwhelms her that she just cannot help but find objects to cover them with her incredible designs! Little wonder her talent has created a new form of embroidery art.

Life hasn’t been easy for Wikander, since she had to work hard as a prop master at the Opera House of Gothenburg to support her three small children. This job gave her an opportunity to explore the flea markets and second-hand stores for props. It was during this time that she came across cross-stitch and tent-stitch embroideries. She started collecting them without knowing what to do with them.

Ulla-Stina Wikander The Artist

After collecting hundreds of embroidery designs for more than a decade, she hit upon the idea of covering a mirror frame and a chair at home with embroidery. The end result looked really good and she started covering defunct appliances and objects in her home, such as vacuum cleaners, irons, etc. and transformed them from mere objects to objet d’art by covering them with embroidery.

Since she needs embroideries to cover every bit of the object, she collects whatever she can lay her hands-on in the flea market, such as flowers, deer, red cottages, and birches patterns. It’s her embroidery skill of using needle and thread that makes her items look so seamless. She first makes a pattern in calico and then selects an embroidery design. At times, she also manipulates the colors by dyeing to match the design.

Wikander has launched her own design company – Manussweden – and her creations are available on sale. She has also been invited to participate in various exhibitions. Her works are getting noticed on the internet and she has a following of over 20,000 on Instagram alone.



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