Ukrainian Jewelry Designer Creates Life-Like Snake Jewelry

Will you be comfortable with a snake coiled around your neck to make a style statement? Probably not. But Anna, a Ukrainian artist, makes it possible. No, not with live snakes, but with her incredible snake jewelry that looks strikingly similar to these slithery creatures.

Why snakes? Well, serpents have found a place in history, not only as one of the oldest mythological symbols but also as a common motif in jewelry design. Such jewelry can be found in ancient Greece and Egypt that highlight the snakes in the region, such as the Nile Cobra of Egypt. Snake also became a style icon in the Victorian era.

Anna has managed to recreate the timeless charm of snake jewelry. She creates her elegant pieces using colored glass beads in realistic colors that appear as glistening scales of a snake. Little wonder her designer snake necklace gives the appearance of an actual coiled serpent wrapped around the neck. Each piece has two metal ends – the head and tail of the snake – made out of gold or silver. When worn around the neck or wrist, the two ends come together, much like the mythological symbol of a snake with its tail in its mouth that is believed to symbolize the cyclical nature of life and death.

Anna, who belongs to Sumy, a city in Ukraine, was always passionate about art, but jewelry-making was her favorite pastime that she took up as her main hobby. She experimented with different materials in creating her jewelry and became an expert in using seed beads. In due course of time, she hit upon the idea of creating snake jewelry. Today, her handmade pieces are making waves on the internet. You can have a glimpse of her jewelry on her Etsy shop ‘Foxy Style Jewelry’, where you will find snake necklaces for sale – one prettier than the other.

It is not only jewelry that Anna creates with her own hands but also products using cross stitch and bead embroidery, as also colorful planner stickers. She has separate stores offering embroidery kits and planner stickers.

Snake Necklaces

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