The Trend Of Turning Eyebrows Into Christmas Trees Has Enlivened The Christmas Festive Spirit

We have seen people go to any lengths to make themselves unique, be it tattoos, body art or any other such thing that makes them stand apart from the rest. Shaping brows to look good is an age-old tradition among women. However, in recent times the brows have become a source of artistic impressions, be it the crown brow, the triple brow, feather brow, bauble brow or the lightning bolt brow. 

Well, this time this trend has caught up with the festive spirit of Christmas and offers something really unique. It is the Christmas tree-shaped brows!

Image Via: Instagram

The credit for this one-of-its-kind innovation goes to the Canadian beauty guru, Taylor R, who goes by her Instagram handle of taytay_xx. Her festive makeup trend of Christmas tree-brows has taken the Instagram by storm and have created a frenzy among her followers to post their own interpretation of this trend. 

Image Via: Instagram

Taylor’s followers have really gone head over heels over this trend and have got them separating their brows in the shape of tree branches and adorning each branch with gems and stars to give the look of a decorated Christmas tree. Some even went to the extent of painting their brows green to make them look like a real-life Christmas tree.

This trend is certain to make Christmas more festive. And why not? What could be a more perfect way than to convey your festive mood to others without uttering a word!

Image Via: Instagram

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