Turning A Slum Into A Work Of Art – The Indonesian Rainbow Village Shows The Way

Colors are certainly God’s gift to humankind. This has been proved beyond doubt by a village on a hillock in Indonesia called Kampung Pelangi.

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This village, prod basically a slum, with unplastered walls, and shabby roads and by-lanes, was an eternal eyesore. It took just a vision and a sum of $22,000 for Central Java Community to turn this village, located in a southern district of Semarang, into a magnificent piece of art. The initiative for this move is credited to Slamet Widodo, the 54-year-old junior high principal in the village.

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Adorned in the colors of the rainbow, this makeover on at least 232 homes has not only brightened the environment but has made it a tourist attraction as well. The artwork on the walls is no whimsical stroke of brushes, but a well-planned design that gives a stunning and spectacular overall effect to the village.   

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Now lovingly called the Rainbow Village, it has become a must-see destination for tourists, who flock here, adding to the economy of the village that hopes to pay off the makeover expenses. The souvenir shops and eateries do a brisk business all the year round and the bohemian atmospheres the visitors for Instagram and Facebook shots.

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It all started with Slamet Widodo, who wanted to change the look of his village. He convinced the government to invest $22,000 towards painting a total of 390 houses in dazzling rainbow colors. The government acceded to his request and deputed HendrarPrihadi, the region’s mayor, to oversee the project. The rest, as they say, is history.

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According to Prihadi, the project encourages “the active involvement of citizens in the improvement of their homes.” They not only allowed their houses to be painted in rainbow colors, but also actively participated in cleaning the village and the nearby river to make them merge with the overall scenery.

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Kampung Pelangi certainly proved the amazing power of art. This initiative has made it a win-win situation for both the town and the Indonesian government due to increased tourist influx.

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Image Courtesy Of: teacheattravel

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