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Turkish Artist Records Travels by Drawing the Places He Visits on Paper Cups

It may sound surprising but Berk Armagan, a Turkish traveler, doesn’t require a smartphone or a camera to capture his travels. He draws them on disposable cups! And his art is so stunning that he turns each paper cup into a masterpiece. It is certainly a unique way for him to chronicle his journeys.

When Armagan visits any new place, he searches for sightseeing locations and other attractions, such as monuments, objects, and artworks. He then simply takes out a disposable paper cup and draws the subject to perfection. This way he maintains his travel records as a collection of paper cup artworks. Unlike a smartphone, these cups are the hard copies of wherever he has been to.

This 26-year-old artist from Istanbul, Turkey, shares on xinhuanet.com, “I didn’t get a formal education. It’s an ability and since my childhood, I’ve been interested in drawing. I’m trying to excel in this craft; thus, every day and every trip is a challenge.” He adds, “A couple of years ago, in 2015, I needed to find a present for a friend’s birthday and I wanted something meaningful. I picked up a used paper coffee cup and had the idea of drawing a scenery on it and gifted it to him.” After this, there was no looking back for him.

Since 2016, Armagan has pursued his passion and it has motivated him to visit many places. His works came to notice when he started posting them on social media. To date, he has visited 57 cities in 25 countries that included far-flung and remote places, such as Alaska, the USA, and a few others.

Today, Armagan enjoys followership of over 100,000 viewers on Instagram alone. He also started financing his travels by selling some of his cups. Big brands and high-profile companies, such as Ford and Starbucks, also corroborated with him on many projects.

Armagan shares on xinhuanet.com, “I’m driven by the passion of traveling on our beloved planet. That’s my goal. This is what I want to do with my life, to draw incessantly and visit the world with my paper cups.”

Berk Armagan

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