TRILLI’s Glitter And Crystals Portraits Command Top Dollar

At a first glance, the portraits created by Alexa Trilli, who’s better known as TRILLI, may appear hazy. This is because these works of art are completely done in glitter and crystals. She uses her unique glitter techniques to create exquisite portraits that sell in the range of $500 to $2,000.

TRILLI, born in Toronto, Canada, graduated as a Film Studies major from Ryerson University, Toronto. She started by creating her very own glitter tattoos that were simply stunning. However, it was her love for portraits that led her to experiment making them with glitters and crystals. Over time, she developed her own glitter techniques.

TRILLI shares the technique on, thus, “I start with a concept or a photo. Then I sketch it onto a wood panel or canvas. I use a bottle with glue and a small nozzle, and draw out my outlines, add loose glitter on top and let it dry. I do sections with different colors… that’s sort of the basic steps. Then it gets more complicated when I start doing more intricate shading and detailing.”

The difficulty that this form of art poses is twofold. First is glitter control. TRILLI has to pour the colors most precisely for them to blend in a certain way. Second, she has to precisely gauge the drying time, before adding the next color. Of course, each portrait requires meticulous attention to detail. Little wonder a single portrait can take up to 50 hours to complete.

TRILLI has over 29,000 fans on Instagram and has some big-name celebrities in her kitties, such as Paris Hilton, Drake, Karina Smirnoff, Kirk Hammett of Metallica, Nick Viall of ‘The Bachelor’, and several more.

TRILLI shares her preference for the only glitter on, “I’ve been enjoying working with glitter because there are no rules for it and it’s fun to challenge myself with no limits.”

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    The paintings that you have shared with us are such a masterpiece. Thank you for listing it together and sharing it with us.

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