Tragic accident made her even more ‘Brave’ ….‘I’ve survived. Now what?’”

Life sometimes sure let you speechless with it’s planning for you. Either you may hit the fortune or end up being a part of unfortunate event. 

If you met the bad side, for some, it may be an ending but to some, it is their another chance to live their life to its fullest and appreciating the value of ‘what they have.’

Sunitha Atinus met the bad side of life’s planning when she met a tragic accident in the year 2011. She was with her friends  and heading back to her home, sitting at the back seat, when the car met an accident; making the car toppled many times and ultimately hit the divider at the end. As Atinus head was out of car’s window when the accident happened, her hair got entangled as the car was rolled down on the road, leaving her head and face severally injured.

Facebook/Being you

The impact was so fatal that it took 2 weeks by the doctors and nurses just to clean the skin.

Her experience was shared by being you on a Facebook post, where she revealed,
“There was nothing left of my face. It took over two weeks to just clean the skin up. During one of the cleaning process, they found my left eye ball in the cheek, the doctors carefully placed it back. I was fed with a tube and had another to help me breathe. They used to keep my hands tied to my bed so I didn’t feel my face. My lower jaw was broken in five places and my upper jaw was completely smashed. I had only one tooth. They drilled dentures into my mouth.”

She found her days to be the most painful as she was not allowed to see or touch her face until one day when she finally had a glimpsed of her face in a reflection on an elevator doors.

“The first time I caught a glimpse of myself, on a reflection on the elevator doors, I was disappointed and then scared. There was a big, crooked face with a hole in the middle staring back at me.”

But her Struggle just had started. She had had 27 surgeries between 2011-2014, the time was hardest but it also made her realize about true friendship and relationship.

From her post ,“My sister stood by me like a pillar and there were friends who became family to ensure that I’ll be able to put a face to my voice. But there were also people who left, some who were broken, some who didn’t have the guts to see me,” 

By setting back the odds, Sunita Atinus choose to live a life not of regrets but live it to its fullest by welcoming the new possibilities for her and she soon encountered one; when she was proposed by her friend, who had a crush on her since she was 17. This friend of her, has by her side through her difficult times even back in 2012 when she had been having surgeries. The couple tied knot in 2014

“Post discharge, I moved to Tamil Nadu but soon came back home to Bangalore. It was then that a boy who had a crush on me since we were 17 met me and proposed. After January 2012, he has been with me for all my surgeries. To him, my accident, my surgeries, my tough childhood, nothing mattered.”

The couple is having their good time but some people in our society only have negative issues to point out as some of them told the couple not to have kids.They ignored it, but in deep heart; sure it did hurt! She mentioned she was really annoyed at some point. She had her own ways of tackling such things in the past but now she doesn’t let people get inside her head and living her life with more courage and confidence.

“Initially I was annoyed, frustrated, even angry. Why did I deserve this? Was this Karma? But I didn’t hurt anyone, all I had wanted was a better life. But I didn’t want Life to laugh at me. So I looked at it in the eye and said ‘I’ve survived. Now what?’”

This is what we call a real survivor; not just living life but breathing life!

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