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Tormented For Ugly Birthmarks, This Girl Turned The Tables On Them!

Any normal person would have wilted under such mental torture.

It is really a curse to be born with any peculiar bodily condition in this mean and heartless world. You will not only be subjected to public ridicule and humiliation but can be driven to take any extreme step.

This is what this sweet little teenager, Alba Parejo, suffered at the hands of her peers and the public. She was born with a rare condition known as the congenital melanocytic nevus. If you have never heard of this condition, you are not alone. Congenital melanocytic nevus is a condition in which the whole body is literally covered with moles, birthmarks and dark patches in hundreds. This condition occurs in about one percent of infants worldwide.

Alba Parejo/Instagram

Although in 15 percent of the cases these moles and birthmarks cover the only head and neck area, in Alba’s case, she was covered from head to toe with these dark and ugly marks that got further accentuated by her fair skin.

The only logical course of action for her parents was to make baby Alba undergo surgery to remove these unsightly blotches. The surgery, instead of removing these obnoxious blemishes, added to the problem by adding occlusions and a series of scars on her body.

Life certainly became miserable for this sweet and good looking girl at the hands of her peers, who tormented her no end. Any normal person would have wilted under such mental torture, but Alba was made of sterner stuff and sought to set things right by herself.

She decided to display her ugly blotches to the public by turning a model. This came as a shock to the naysayers who derided her decision, but for Alba, it was sweet revenge. Today, she confidently remains in the public eye and stands their scrutiny. Her grit and determination have made the discerning public accept her as she is, birthmarks and all.

Alba said: ‘It had a terrible effect on me, I was 13-years-old and just wanted to be normal, I spent whole days crying wishing I was someone else. I was very embarrassed and ashamed to let people see my nevus and scars because I was insecure about my body because of all the bad comments I had heard.

But as time went on, I realized that my moles, scars and my nevus is a big part of me both physically and psychologically. The nevus is my identity and thanks to it I have met lots of people who are fantastic and amazing.’

Alba made this possible by accepting herself as she is, without succumbing to judgmental jerks. Needless to say, she is doing great for herself and is also serving as an inspiration to others facing the same situation.

Alba Parejo: Instagram | Rumble

Alba Parejo/Instagram

Alba Parejo/Instagram

Alba Parejo/Instagram

Alba Parejo/Instagram

Alba Parejo/Instagram

Alba Parejo/Instagram

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