Tito, The Adorable Pet Raccoon, Entertains Viewers With His Antics On YouTube

It’s difficult to miss a raccoon because of its signature bandit-mask. Found almost everywhere in the US, these mammals are not known to make great pets. This is because they become sexually active in just six months and become aggressive.

However, Mitchell, a pest control executive, has gone ahead and raised a raccoon and named it Tito. If raccoons are considered aggressive and make unlikely pets, why did Mitchell go out of his way to make Tito his pet? He explains it on mashable.com, thus, “I didn’t actually go out of my way to get a pet raccoon. While I was working in pest control, Tito was found in someone’s attic. Unfortunately, the homeowner didn’t want anything to do with him and was going to put him down, so I took Tito in.”

So, where does Tito the raccoon, live? Since his discovery, Tito has been living with Mitchell in South Carolina, USA. He has documented Tito’s life in detail and shares it with the creature’s fans. Tito has been warming the hearts of viewers by his day-to-day antics. His entertaining YouTube videos, which include a trip to the pool, snack eating contest, and others, are being viewed all over the globe.

Mitchell is aware that people disapprove of him having Tito as a pet since it’s unnatural. But, according to him, any domesticated pet today has once been a wild animal at some point in time. Tito has been with Mitchell for two years now and has changed his thinking about raccoons.

For Mitchell, these trash-eating and reckless animals are, in fact, very smart and intelligent. According to him, raccoons not only have the ability to overcome obstacles and solve problems better than many other pets, but their front paws are also as dexterous as human hands.

With over 140,000 followers on Tito’s Instagram page and many more on YouTube, Tito continues to thrill his audience with his mischievous ways. However, Mitchell does admit owning a raccoon may pose problems, but he still considers Tito his most precious pet. Of course, Tito, the raccoon’s, net worth cannot be calculated in terms of money.

Tito the Raccoon

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