Meet Vera Märker; Or The Madness Of Small Things

Vera Märker is one of the most fascinating characters in the online polymer clay community. She’s a German Illustrator and Designer who lives in Germany but also travels around Europe to meet interesting people and experience different cultures. The art of polymer clay and miniature creations is Vera Märker’s passion and she does it best. She’s a master at focusing on tiny details and creating realistic-looking animals, people, and landscapes out of this seemingly impossible material.

Vera Märker is a German artist who works with polymer clay and everything tiny is her passion. Every Friday Vera Märker releases a timelapse of how she created a person, animal, or other interesting stuff in miniature form on her youtube channel Kleine Knetwelt which is a one-woman company based in southwest Germany.

At the age of 8, Vera Märker received a block of polymer clay as a gift. She began to work with it and made her first small miniatures at that time.

Kleine Knetwelt is the name of her work and her shop where she sells various miniature things.

At 20 years old, she founded her own company called Kleine Knetwelt (Small Clay World) in Germany where she creates small models out of oven-curable modeling clay.

What drives her is the desire to recreate wonderful landscapes, little people, and tiny animals made of clay in miniature form.

Clay art offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature. The possibilities of shaping clay in miniature form using your hands are endless. Vera waits patiently for inspiration while working on any of her sculptures, and believes that everyone has the potential to create something special.

Her passion is the perfect medium for her because she loves to work with this material. The fascination with the smallest and smallest things has always been present in her life. She began early on to work with polymer clay and this passion has grown over time.

This passion for Tiny Clay Sculptures has remained with her until today and turned into a lifestyle.

The art of polymer clay and miniature creations is Vera Märker’s passion and she does it best.

After years of fine-tuning, Vera Märker has perfected her process for creating masterful Tiny Clay Sculptures. Her work has captured thousands of admirers from all over the world and has won several awards.

It is not difficult to see why Vera Märker’s works are unique and enchanting. They are absolutely gorgeous. I love the way that Vera takes ordinary things and turns them into something extraordinary. Her miniature creations consist of dolls, little people, animals, houses, and much more; you name it, she’s probably created it.

Some of her works are quirky and funny while others can be eloquent or even heartbreaking. It seems like Vera has an infinite imagination and she uses it to transform ordinary objects into pieces of art you can hold in your hand. It just goes to show how polymer clay claymation can be truly stunning and mesmerizing.

Vera Märker

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