This Father-Son Duo Has Taken Pancake Art To The Next Level

Even if you love pancakes, you’d not want to eat the ones baked by this father-son duo. This is because they turn it into works of art, rather than something tempting to eat. What’s more, they prefer to remain anonymous. All we know about them is they hail from Melbourne, Australia and identify themselves as Tiger Tomato on the internet.

What they actually do with the batter is really incredible. Using some batter, food coloring, and a squeeze bottle, they create characters that range from Minion, My Little Pony to even the Facebook logo. Their popular video Queen Elsa from Frozen has registered almost seven million views.

The ease with which they turn the batter into works of art is amazing. Not only are their creations so well done they seem to be drawn, but the way they go about it filliping colorful blobs on the pan to create them is simply astounding. They’ve certainly taken pancake art to a new level and delight the public by sharing their new offerings on YouTube every week.

The duo started creating pancake art only in March this year and their first offering was a rainbow ice cream. Says the father, “Pancake batter is the first edible medium we’ve worked with and we just loved the idea of art and food coming together, as if it was meant to be.”

Their inspiration is an eight-month-old baby in the family, who are simply delighted by cartoons. This is the duo’s contribution to this baby’s cartoon collection. Another motivating factor is the positive feedback they continuously receive from their fans that eggs them on to make more pancakes.

So, what do they do with their pancake art? Dad explains, “We do eat our pancakes…pancakes are to be eaten! But we decided to keep Elsa.” They currently enjoy a following of 327,000 fans on Instagram alone and counting.


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