This Dog Tries To Mimic His Brother Of Different Breed With Funny Walk And The Result Is Simply Hilarious

Meet Dustin and Tayto, the former is a mix of Jack Russel and a Pug, and the latter is a Corgi. Although vastly different in appearance – Dustin with stubby legs and Tayto, the furrier of the two – they’re best friends. However, Dustin never tires of teasing Tayto for his short legs by mimicking his walk.

In fact, one of the videos shows both of them walking together when Dustin decides to get down on his chest on the carpet and drag his body alongside Tayto. Of course, this puts Tayto off and he refuses to walk with Dustin, who continues to ape his walk.

Ailish Ryan, the owner of these cutie pies, doesn’t think that Dustin makes fun of Tayto’s walk. According to her, Dustin has been doing this even before she acquired Tayto. She attributes this so-called ‘mimicking’ to his itchy belly. However, to others, it looks as if Dustin is trying to mock Tayto.

According to Ryan, Dustin does this act only at certain times of the day. On, she is quoted as saying, “He does it most days when he wakes up. He does it sometimes before bed as well, but generally just when he wakes up. And he wakes up around the same time each morning.”

Whatever the reason for Dustin’s funny walk, it has made the duo an internet sensation. The two enjoy a fan following of over 65,000 on Instagram alone.

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Dustin’ the floors (sound on for Tayto bork)

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Beware the Sharktayto 🦈🦈🦈

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