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This Cute Puppy With Mickey Mouse Ears Has Become An Internet Sensation

If she were not moving, you would think that she is a stuffed toy, what with her furry mouse-like grey ears contrasting with her fluffy virgin white fur. But, this amazing dog with Mickey Mouse ears, rightly dubbed ‘Mickey Mouse dog’ by her US fans, is actually existing and making heads turn.

Named Goma, which in Japanese means ‘sesame’, this 4-year-old she-dog is a mix of Maltese and Papillon breeds. Check out and you will find that the fluff came from the Maltese breed and the cartoonish ears, from the Papillon breed.

Goma seems well aware of her popularity and misses no chance for posing for the camera. It is not only her mouse-like ears but her innocent large black eyes that make her so cute and adorable. She has made it a habit of winning hearts by her looks and elicits ‘oohs!’ and ‘aaahs!’ wherever she goes.

This stuffed toy of a dog lives in Tokyo, Japan, and has taken the internet by storm. On Instagram alone, she has garnered an impressive 60,000 followers. Her YouTube video has been watched by a whopping 6,860,698 viewers till the filing of this report.

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Image Via: Marupgoma

Image Via: Marupgoma

Image Via: Marupgoma

Image Via: Marupgoma

Image Via: Marupgoma

Image Via: Marupgoma



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