The Unique ‘Combophotos’ Of This Amazing Photographer Are Both Unique And Awesome

Have you ever seen imagination gone wild! The crazy ‘combophotos’ of Stephen McMennamy, a creative director at BDDO based in Atlanta, is proof enough!

McMennamy’s urge to create such ‘combophotos’ was ignited when he saw the images of a banana and the Empire State Building together. He simply combined them using an app PicFrame and was impressed. Says he, “It instantly got me wondering what else was to there to tinker with.” In 2012, he got introduced to Instagram in 2012 and started posting his work.

What McMennamy does is to combine two common unrelated objects via Photoshop in a way that is both humorous and thought-provoking. He started out with his iPhone to snap pictures but has now started using a mirrorless A6000 and a Phantom II Vision. He also uses a drone for aerial shots.

If you think that creating such combos is a cakewalk, think again. He finds selecting two images far harder than combining them since the ‘combophoto’ has to make sense. This involves a lot of trial and error in composition.

“Stephen McMennamy was born in Marietta Georgia, but his formative years took place in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Pursuing the path along the right side of his brain led him to the Savannah College of Art and Design where he spent time exploring the world of fine art as well as advertising.” his colleague ‘Bryan’ Told AwesomeByte

 “He was Art Director of Creative Circus.  Stephen spent many years working for various global ad agencies and building commercials and other campaigns for corporate brands.  He has recently gone out on his own to form his own ad agency.  When he’s not busy combining paintbrushes with noodles or water towers with golf balls, Stephen spends time with his wife and two adorable daughters!”

Not every creation of his is a winner, but he posts his failures too on his Instagram account under ‘combophotofail’! Since he started this photo trend, he has posted over 70 ‘combophotos’ and continues to churn his creative juices for such creations. And people are lapping it up. On Instagram, he enjoys over 33,000 followers.

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