The Unique 3D Art Of This Street Artist Wows All

A look at this street art and you go away with the impression that the artist either suffers from the jitters or has a double vision. But wait. What you see as shaky images are in reality cleverly painted pictures on the wall designed to thrill you with an absolutely new street art concept.

This Greek art student is Stathus Sebalious, who goes by the name of Insane51 on Instagram and other social media platforms. He belongs to Athens, Greece and started off in 2007 as a graffiti writer. He is currently enrolled in the Athens School of Fine Arts.

Insane51’s paintings are mostly done in reds and blues with a purpose. If you put on the 3D glasses that has one red and one blue glass and look through each in turn, you will find some elements of the painting disappear when viewed through the blue glass and some when viewed through the red glass. In other words, you see different artworks when viewing through red or blue glasses.

This 26-year-old Greek muralist, who calls his street art form ‘double exposure 3D’, is one of the pioneers of 3D pieces of art. Such is the uniqueness of his style that he has gained worldwide recognition. He travels the world with Sake Tattoo Crew enthralling people with his one-of-its-kind street art.

Insane51 has participated in various street art exhibitions and festivals, such as Lobart Festival, Thessaloniki Street Art Festival, Hip Hop Shop Graffiti Jams and many more. He has also painted two amazing canvases for StreetArtToday, one of the biggest street art museums in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

One of Insane51’s most memorable works is titled ‘Rise Up’ to commemorate the devastating fire that razed Mati and nearby villages in July 2018 that left 87 people dead and 172 injured, causing the destruction of thousands of houses and vehicles. Today, he enjoys a fan following of over 200,000 on Instagram alone.

Stathus Sebalious


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