This Reddit User Spotted The Twin Of President Obama, & He Is A President Too

You must have heard about two heads of states share similar ideas and pursue similar dreams, but have you ever heard them sharing identical facial features too.

This truth dawned when internet browsers were left awestruck at the uncanny resemblance between the former US president Barack Obama and the Indonesian president Joko Widodo.

Whoever discovered their facial similarity, certainly has a keen eye. The official portrait of the Indonesian president released in 2014 and that of Obama had an amazing resemblance.The discoverer was one calling himself badcompanygg on Reddit.

He is the one who noticed it first and revealed his discovery on the social media. He not only compared the photos of the two, placing them side by side, but also superimposed the two to prove his point.

President Obama & President Of Indonesia Looks Like Twins

Someone who saw the comparison of the two on the social media was quick to point out that the Indonesian president looks more like Obama than Obama himself! If the comment of misscheats on is anything to go by, he or she likens their natures too – Widodo is as cool as Obama, attends music festivals, doesn’t act like a VVIP and millennials loves him. 

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