The Icing Artist’ Who Displays Amazing Baking And Icing Skills to Make You Drool

Image Via: The Icing Artist

With her, you not only get the icing on the cake, but also some superb icing art to go with it! Meet Laurie Shannon, who is making waves on YouTube as ‘the icing artist’. Her tutorials on YouTube on baking and decorating cakes, cupcakes and other sugary treats has made her an internet sensation.

According to Shannon, her inspiration comes from her love for food that expresses itself in baking and icing. Her decorations are both mesmerizing and achievable by one and all. In her videos, she not only teaches easy ways to bake a cake, but also reveals the technique of artistically icing them, using easy-to-procure ingredients and simple tools.

Shannon’s tutorials engage the audience like wow! Little wonder even non-bakers fall in love with her captivating style of delivery and her incredible creations. She is constantly reinventing her art to make it more exciting. There is always something new to look forward to from this icing artist.

Shannon became interested in baking at a very young age and soon began working at a local bakery. It is at this time that she ventured to upload her baking and icing videos on YouTube. Responding to the yearning of her internet followers, she created her own website to dish out her recipes and templates for all to create, free of cost.

Shannon especially resonates with the young crowd. Her templates of superheroes, such as Superman, Batman, Deadpool and others have become instant hits. She is always on the lookout for contemporary themes like Game of Thrones and suchlike subjects to turn them into templates.

Want to order your own themed cake? Sorry, as of now she only bakes cakes for YouTube videos and does not take any custom cake orders.

Today, Shannon is leading a happily married life with Kevin Jones, who is also her business partner.

Image Via: The Icing Artist

Image Via: The Icing Artist

Image Via: The Icing Artist

Image Via: The Icing Artist

Image Via: The Icing Artist

Image Via: The Icing Artist

Image Via: The Icing Artist

Image Via: The Icing Artist

The Icing Artist

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